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Why Writers Worldwide Love Helvetica Font

Why Writers Worldwide Love Helvetica Font

So you have written a book and your agent is ready to solicit and apply your manuscript to publishers? Great. Now it’s time to get your book final draft proofread and edited.
The Opening Line

To get it right with your novel at once (in case this is a fiction novel) you have to capture reader at first sight.

And the first place where reader’s sight falls is surprisingly…the first page of the book!

So, there virtually can be nothing more important in your book, than what you chose to tell on the first page and in the first paragraph of it.

It serves as a reason for your readers to buy your book, for your agent to be optimistic about book prospects and for your publisher or an editor-solicitor to not throw the manuscript down the drain.

So you’d better listen to these tips.

These can help your first chapter shine, and your opening line or a paragraph startle reader.

Which will eventually make them pay money for your artwork.



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